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tuvlamp. a portable lamp for killing covid19 with lighting uv-c.

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The COVID-19 pandemic that has been going on for the past few years requires humans to live in new habits. Therefore, many things must be adjusted by paying more attention to health protocols, one of which is using equipment that can repel viruses and bacteria. Then created new products called ‘TUVLAMP’.

Tuvlamp is a portable disinfection lamp designed to kill viruses and bacteria with UV-C light technology. I have worked on several products starting from the design process, production process (product prototype), and testing the final product until it is ready to be marketed. One of these products is the tuvlamp. The process of 3D design and rendering using Solidworks applications.

The tuvlamp UV-C disinfection lamp is designed with consumer safety in mind, equipped with protections such as a timer using a remote, and integrated with wifi. This is a form of extra protection to protect users from the dangers of overexposure to UVC rays.

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