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Outdoor lighting. a new model for street light and floot light with material aluminium extrude

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Competition in the industrial world is common and cannot be avoided. To be able to win this competition, of course, the company must have more value and be different from its competitors in terms of price, quality, and design of the product following the trends that are in demand by consumers.

Street lamps and spotlights are products that I have developed in terms of design and quality of materials using aluminium extrusion which previously still used plate steel.

For the design idea itself, the goal is that one aluminium profile can be applied to several series of products, both for street lights and spotlights, so that the production process is more effective and efficient.

I have worked from the design process, the production process (product prototype), and testing the final product until it is ready to be marketed. One of these products is street lamps and spotlights using aluminium extrusion. The design process uses the AutoCAD application tool.

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