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MultiApps. a software system for sales and stock of goods using vb.net

Description project

Many ‘UMKM’ and companies still do transaction sales and purchase goods use method conventional that is with paper stored in files. so, that work becomes not enough effective and efficient.

Multi apps is a sales software and stock goods that give a solution for the company and ‘UMKM’. All data become computerized and saved data good in a database. Multi apps own many features as making reports that can be used for making a decision

Multi apps made with the use of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Crystal Report, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 applications for databases with language Vb.Net programming.

I also use this project for my final research project to pursue a bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering in Jakarta.

Has minimum specifications :

Processor                   : Intel Pentium Dual Core ( version up )

RAM                             : Min 1 GB

Hardisk                        : 320 GB

Mouse                          : Optical Mouse

Kyboard                       : Standard

Monitor                        : 14 “

VGA                              : 512M


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